HYT Creates Swiss Watch Industry’s First Entirely Mechanical Watch

SEE THE LIGHT. Following the larger-than-life Skull and the mechanically ingenious H3, HYT seems to rein it in a little with the H4 collection. But after a brief inspection, that initial impression couldn’t be further from the truth




Despite featuring similar construction to the H1—albeit with a skeletonized dial—the H4 Alinghi saves one stunning feature. There are two pushbuttons on the side; and while the 2.30 pusher is essentially a watch crown, the 4.30 can be rotated and pushed as well, to surprisingly illuminate the watch in white light for a maximum of five seconds.

Interestingly, the whole process is entirely mechanical, sans battery or any electronic components whatsoever. This is a first for HYT, and most likely a first for the Swiss watch industry as well. Considering just how high-tech the watchmaking process is, the H4 Alinghi is limited to 25 pieces.