How to Make Dior Homme Sneakers

SNEAKER MAKER. It doesn’t take a village, apparently, to make a pair of luxury sneakers. But it does take a meticulous craftsman and precise machines. And high-quality paints and brushes



Dior Homme recently released a video that gives all of us a behind-the-scenes look at what’s going on inside the Dior factory. At least a small part of it, particularly the sneaker-making station. Dior Homme’s Darklight Mottled Canvas Sneaker, one of the signature items in Dior Homme’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection, is the video’s main star.

The video follows the creation of the high-top sneaker, which is identified by its paint splatters, from the cutting of Prince of Wales calfskin leather to the applying of the paints. Although the video only lasts one minute, everyone can see the amount of detail that goes into making each pair. We can’t imagine what happens when someone screws up the last step!

For more information on the sneaker, go to Dior Homme’s website here.