How To Get Women – 3 Steps To Success

How To Get Women – 3 Steps To Success. So you’ve begun to realize that knowing how to get women is an ability that you have to develop, and not something only a few fortunate individuals are born with. By Julian Manly

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So you’ve begun to realize that knowing how to get women is an ability that you have to develop, and not something only a few fortunate individuals are born with. And, since how to attract women isn’t something you can learn about at school, you’re in all probability armed with just the inadequate expertise you gleaned from friends and cousins or other relatives while growing up. If you have concluded that what you’ve got is not exactly a strong basis for how to succeed with girls, don’t despair; stand by for three steps to follow on the path to success that many males almost never learn…

1)Don’t Take Advice From Women
Women drool over those alpha males who don’t appear to give a damn about what others think. This is the X-factor that gets the girls in a tizz, that sets them wondering “just WHO is that man? ”

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, I’m certain you’ve noticed that the blokes who succeed most with stunning girls just also happen to be some of the most unrefined you know! Naturally this is opposite to what you expect; don’t all your girlfriends advise you that they really want a nice, well mannered man, someone who has a big heart, with a welcoming nature and who really loves his mom? Sorry chaps, despite what the women say, the proof is overwhelming … nice guys come last!

So, friends, stop listening to advice from women on how to get women! They actually don’t understand what they really prefer. Instead, give more attention to the males that ladies are actually going out with, messing around or going to bed with.

2)Understand That Women Are Suckers For Guys With High Social Value
People, and their environment, have undoubtedly changed widely since ancient times. Nonetheless, you have got to understand that we still follow patterns of behaviour that were established many thousands of years ago.

Back then, women had to find men who could fend and care for them. The males that could do that were strong, competent warriors and excellent hunters. They were respected and very much in demand – which implies they possessed high social value.

This is still true today, but it translates to women being attracted to men who are powerful in some way which is appropriate to modern times. And it does not entail that you be in the top ranks of leaders and winners – you don’t have to be a sports champion, a public figure, or very rich. But you need to be powerful in your very own way, assured and at ease with yourself, and first and foremost, naturally so…the ideas nonchalant and easily confident spring to mind.

Males with high social value are well-liked by both men and women. They never chase (not overtly, anyway) – that is definitely a real social value monster! And keep in mind, women also possess social value: the more socially valuable a woman is, the greater the odds that she’s going to want a male who values himself highly and who is confident that women need or want him, rather than the other way round.

3) Smile When You Are Rejected
One of the first things they teach in sales training courses, is to be glad when you are rejected. Why is this? Because it means you are now one step closer to the next yes! And realistically, there is not and never has been a man who in all honesty scored a Perfect Ten in picking up women. Not even Casanova or Don Juan. Well…maybe they did darn well, but you get my meaning!

What this means is that if you would like to select from the world’s loveliest women, you just have to bury all your fears — you have got to put yourself in situations where you are able to meet females and ask them on dates.

Unavoidably, every now and again one of them will say no. Fortunately though, the more women you approach, the more often you will thrill to the happy tones of “Yes!” This will happen more and more as you continue developing your knowledge of how to get women.
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