How to Get the Perfect Tan – Before, During and After Treatments

Under the Sun – There are plenty of reasons to love summer and one of them is getting a sun-kissed skin because nothing beats that glorious warm feeling from your skin while under the sun. Don’t forget the importance of safe tanning and prepare your skin properly before stepping out into the sun.

The most crucial step before sun exposure is to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation removes dead cells from the uppermost layer of skin and allows fresh skin to appear. Removing dead cells can even out your skin tone, remove pore clogging dirt and oil and even prevent acne. The less build-up of dead skin cells, the more shallow your layer of skin will be, which make your tan last longer.

While some people get tanned much easier than others, understand that your skin also reaches a tanning cut-off point when it can’t produce any more melanin, the tanning pigment. So choose carefully when it comes to the right sunscreen, look for the term “broad spectrum” and don’t just rely on SPF. The best way to get a healthy summer glow is to tan in small doses. Besides more effective, gradually dividing your time under the sun evenly also reduces the risk of sunburn.

This multi-tasking facial treatment is made specifically for men’s skin. Giving protection from both the sun and pollution, Clarins Men UV Plus 50 UVA/UVB is suitable for all skin types. It has an oil-free texture that eliminates shine and give a nice matte finish.

Lancaster Sun Beauty Velvet Milk SPF30 offers optimal protection for a long lasting, radiant tan. With a broad sun protection from UVB + UVA + Visible light + Infrared, the Tan Activator Complex also gives a golden tan with no white marks.

The last and equally important: Not only for after-sun care, Sunleya Age Minimizing After Sun Care by Sisley is also an anti-aging treatment for all the skin needs after heavy sun exposure. Its benefits include reparative treatment for younger-looking skin.

Photography Ronald Liem
Styling Edwin Habibun
Model Dan Murphy/Wilhemina International