Hermès Store Reopens Its Doors at Pacific Place Jakarta

NEW HERITAGE. To celebrate the reopening of its store at Pacific Place Jakarta, Hermès invited the press to tour its new redesign and be first to look inside its Heritage Exhibition

The reopening of a store is often seen as something not so important, but for a fashion brand such as Hermès, of course it had to be celebrated in a big way. A few lucky press members, including DA MAN, were invited for a special tour of the newly renovated store before anyone else. To the average Joe, the store may look like every other high-end fashion boutique, with various offerings displayed for all to see, but to the fashion initiated, they will notice that there is something different with the interior. One key feature of the store that you won’t find at any other Hermès store in the world is the use of rattan interior on several of the walls. This is to better accentuate the Indonesian feel of the store. A clever way of collaborating traditional motives into the interior design on the whole store.

In part of celebrating the reopening of the newly redesigned store, Hermès is also holding a Hermès Héritage Exhibition titled “Rouge”. As you can guess by the name of the exhibition, the crimson themed exhibition showcases many iconic pieces of the fashion brand. You may be asking what’s the importance of the Hermès brand and the color red? Bruno Gaudichon, curator of “La Piscine” museum of art and industry in Roubaix, France and of Rouges Hermès says, “It was chosen by Pierre-Alexis Dumas. Deep red is one of Hermès’ Héritage hues. It was first used in the 1920’s when Émile Hermès made a friend with the owner of Combe tannery and created the emblematic deep red color which resonates with myriad of hues.

You can now once again get your Hermès fashion game on at its store located on the ground floor of Pacific Place. As for the Hermès Héritage exhibition, the crimson themed collection is open to the public until April 22.