Hermès’ Singapore Flagship Exhibits New Work by Artist Takashi Kuribayashi

The window display of Hermès store at 541 Orchard Road, Singapore must be one of the most beautiful window displays of all the stores in the famed Orchard Road. How can it not be, when it’s practically a work of art?


LiatTowers 03


Starting this month until March 2017, the said window display will feature “Resonance of Nature,” the latest artwork by Takashi Kuribayashi.

Born in Nagasaki, Japan, the artist who currently resides in Yogyakarta, Indonesia is highly fascinated by the invisible realm and its boundary. He is known for his installations, which depict things that are often overlooked in daily life such as what lies behind the ceiling, floor, seabed, etc.

In “Resonance of Nature,” Kuribayashi utilizes Hermès products to express “the boundary that lies between Man and Nature through two contrasting worlds.” Duality is found everywhere: Natural and manmade; tropical and winter; and the upside world and underground.

See the images below:


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Takashi Kuribayashi
Takashi Kuribayashi