Hermès Goes Serious with Arceau Tigre

Anyone who still questions Hermès’ commitment in watchmaking needs to take a good look at the Arceau Tigre watch


Hermes Arceau Tigre®Joel Von Allmen


The timepiece is the first to be crafted using the original Email Ombrant (shaded enamel) technique, which took Hermès two years to adapt to a watch.

When created with the technique, pictures will only reveal themselves when light passes through them. We can only imagine the level of difficulty faced by the watchmakers! The process is a long and complex one; all in all, it requires the artisans to coat the motif with a slightly tinted translucent enamel in the right amount so it will become denser and darker in some areas, and very light in others.


Hermes Arceau Tigre Gravure-Engraving_1®JohannSauty

Hermes Arceau Tigre Email-Enamel®JohannSauty


The motif featured on the white gold dial is an image of the tiger, which is derived from an illustration by artist Robert Dallet, who worked with the Maison during the 1980s. The watch comes with asymmetrical 41 mm case and a leather strap. The caseback is transparent, revealing the in-house mechanical self-winding H1837 movement inside.

The Arceau Tigre is limited to 12 pieces only.


Hermes Arceau Tigre Cadran-Dial-®JohannSauty