Gucci Had Two Releases in One Week – And We Love Them Both

Last week saw Gucci dropped exclusive collections – not once, but twice in a week. As your opening here, let’s just say that the luxury brand is now quite on advanced level on streetwear.

First was the posh reinterpretation of one of the most hated fashion item from the noughties: the trucker hat. A must for frat boys, tailgaters and rednecks alike during its days, Gucci gave it a well thought treatment.

The common TH silhouette remains, with red leather panels, bill and strap and black mesh material on the back. Other than with leather, the look was enhanced thanks to the retro monogram on the front panel, emblazoned over the house’s colors of green-red-green trims.

The second comes in the form of a holidays ready full collection – released especially for Dover Street Market. Vintage English Christmas appear to be the inspiration, with pieces that reminded us much of that.

Pieces like houndstooth wool jacket, school blazers, smoking jacket and holiday knitwears (both with patterns or a big snuggly animal image up front.) Some more contemporary pieces are also available, such as the patterned track top and the embroidered flannel.