Gucci Continues Its Progressive Streak, Collaborates with Comme des Garçons

FLOWER POWER. “Progressive” might not be a fitting adjective to describe Gucci several seasons ago, but now the Italian brand has come a long way from its sexy and sleek style of yore


gucci&commes des garçons-1


Under the direction of Alessandro Michele, the brand has introduced a measure of flamboyance and boundless creativity in design combined with an endearing attitude that has created quite a stir in the fashion industry.


gucci&commes des garçons-2


Gucci has also become unhesitant to collaborate with others, from emerging artists under the #GucciGram initiative to Japanese cult brand Comme des Garçons to roll out a series of silk scarves. The latter is a capsule collection that feels especially refreshing thanks to the signature floral print boldly juxtaposed with each brand’s logos.