Grooming Review: Nivea for Men Facial Foam

The level of effectiveness of skin-whitening products has indeed long been questioned and debated. Nivea for Men, being one of the world-leading brands in male—and female—grooming products, has an interesting product that controls facial oiliness, while whitening up the skin by getting rid of dark spots.

The new Nivea for Men Whitening Oil Control Facial Foam, like other Nivea for Men’s products, has been developed at its research center in Germany. Consisting of natural ingredients such as ginko, ginseng and licorice, this new Nivea for Men product promises to eliminate 90 percent of facial oil.

In doing so, it also rids your face of blackheads and dark spots, which leads to brighter, whiter skin.

The Whitening Products for the Oily Skin contain a unique Oil Control System and 95 percent pure Vitamin C.The Advanced Oil Control formula reduces oiliness and 95 percent pure Vitamin C whitens your skin.

It provides the skin the following benefits, Healthy radiant skin, Effective long lasting Oil Control Care, Prevents excessive sebum and clogging of pores, Lightens blemishes and Tightens pores.

The whitening oil control face wash also has a unique ingredient, for example, algae extract that provides smooth and invigorated skin.

SKIN TYPE:Normal Skin

EXPERTISE:The mild cleansing foam with Multi-White Complex and Vitamin E effectively helps to lighten discoloration and maintain fair skin

The Multi-White skin benefits: – Whitens skin

– Lightens discoloration – Delays dark spots

– Smoother skin – Prevents premature skin ageing

Daily Use Direction Apply morning and evening with water, avoid eye contact