From Behind the Scenes to Writing Scenes

WORKING THE MOVIE SCENE. Guest interviewer Levy Tran interviews young up-and-coming actor/movie-maker James Liddell about his latest project

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After many years working behind the scenes on a number of movies, and eventually making his way in front of the camera, you could say James Liddell is a jack-of-all-trades in the movie industry. With a passion for film making, he started from the bottom but is rapidly making his way up the ladder. Rather than just working on the technical side of this industry, he longed to create, and is currently putting the finishing touches on a project that he himself wrote, produced and stars in.

Who exactly is James Liddell you may be wondering? Our celebrity interviewer Levy Tran introduces this talented writer/actor/producer. Let’s find out who he is and what makes him click. We also had him come around for an exclusive photoshoot, showing a different side of this young man.

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Levy Tran: Hi Guys, I’m Levy Tran, I’m here to interview James Liddell, so here we go! OK. So you’re not originally from LA. Where are you actually from and why did you move here?
James Liddell: Well, I moved from Detroit, Michigan to LA, after going to school for filmmaking. Although I came here to be an actor, I am passionate about making movies and telling stories in general, and I wanted to make sure that I did not stop doing that just because I was focusing on being in front of the camera. So when I moved out here, I went straight into acting classes and continued writing my own projects at the same time.

Levy Tran: You’re obviously an actor, but what inspired you to start making your own movie?
James Liddell: I wanted to make sure that I took control of my career and did not just wait around hoping opportunities would fall into my lap. I realized that making my own movie was very much something I could, indeed, control.

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Levy Tran: So, James, tell us about the movie, and what is it called?
James Liddell: The title of the movie is “Two Ways to Go West” and it is directed by Ryan Brookhart. The movie is about a guy named Gavin, who I play in the movie. Gavin is a recovered drug addict and former TV star who has to survive a Las Vegas bachelor party with his childhood friends.

Levy Tran: What genre would you categorize your movie, is it a comedy?
James Liddell: Well, it’s not exactly “The Hangover”! To be honest, the story started off as a drama with some comedic elements to it, but as the project got going it ended up being really funny. The main cast, which includes Paul Gennaro and Drew Kenney, was amazing, and they brought a lot of their own wit to the characters.

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Levy Tran: How long did the whole process take from writing the story to where it is now, even though you’re still working on it?
James Liddell: From concept to final cut, I would say it will probably take just under a year, which is really quite phenomenal for this kind of project.

Levy Tran: How personal is this film to you?
James Liddell: Initially, I started out just writing a story I wanted to tell, but during the process it actually became quite personal.  At first, it was more about getting the words on the page and following through to make a complete movie, but the more I put into it, the more of my soul it took on, and now it has become very close to my heart.

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Levy Tran: Do you have any advice for any new filmmakers out there trying to make their first feature film?
James Liddell: Yes, the biggest thing that I learned while making this feature is to just follow through. Just do it. It may sound easy to say, and cliché, and you hear it everywhere, but I guess you don’t really understand it until you experience it. Other than that, don’t be too precious, put in the work, do the best you can, and get that tunnel vision that will keep you focused.

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