Fashion FAQ: Which Shoes are “Summer-Ready”?

Nowadays, it’s not hard to find, say, sturdy leather boots that are breathable and thus perfect for the hot days of a tropical summer. Still, some shoe types are practically designed for this kind of weather and should be your first go-to option when you’re looking for more season-appropriate footwear


Polo shirt by Lacoste, trousers by Banana Republic, sunglasses by Tommy Hilfiger at Optik Melawai, shoes by Pedro


First and foremost, a pair of white bucks would be the perfect option to pair with a cotton suit when you get an invitation for a formal event on a humid summer night.

Still in the formal zone we also have saddle shoes, which are perfect for outdoor but still classy functions. Boat shoes are, of course, another popular “summer-ready” choice along with white leather sneakers.

Rounding up our options with more casual kicks we have suede loafers, slip-onsespadrilles and the ever-popular canvas sneakers.