Fashion FAQ: Murse. Yay or Nay?

Some say it’s a must-have, others see it as an abomination that needs to be stopped




However, think of it this way: a man purse is basically a portable version of your average man cave for an age where you can’t really travel light what with our everyday baggage of smart devices, power banks and more.


Saint Laurent


If you’re worried about the feminine connotations of your “mancessory,” consider these easy tips to maintain an unmistakably masculine look:

• In terms of material, leather is definitely the way to go.
• Don’t allow your murse to get too bulky.
• Pick a bag that suits your personality and look. Opt for a simpler purse if your style tends to be minimal, for instance.
• Clutch or hold the bag but never put it on your inner elbow.