Fashion FAQ: How to Make Blue Garments More Exciting?

Blue is one of the most common colors in fall/winter fashion—especially winter. Unfortunately, its reputation as a “safe” (and thus “boring”) option has often overshadowed its versatility


Left: Roberto Cavalli;
Right: Gucci


So, how does one go about making blue exciting again? Well, this basic guide might prove to be useful:

1. For the most vivid contrast, pick a complementary color (for blue that would be orange); for a more balanced look pick one of the neutral shades (with black, white, grey and even nude beige); and for a more consistent scheme stick with analogous colors to blue (blue-violet to violet or blue-green).




2. Consider the “canvas” of your outfit, i.e., the large visible pieces like your suit and shirt. A blue-toned canvas (say, a navy blue suit and a light blue dress shirt) is best paired with colors like brown or dark orange and other earthy tones.


Maison Kitsune


3. If you still want to try a blue-on-blue look, it’s highly recommended to pair up different materials, different textures and different shades (or patterns). For example, a midnight blue velvet blazer and washed blue jeans; or maybe an eggshell-blue light jacket with dark blue chinos.