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PRIDE OF THE REALM –  Welcome the new season with the finest pieces by Indonesia’s finest designers. Also, catch the online exclusive interview with top Brazilian model, Everton Stedile.

Outfit by Ikat Indonesia
Outfit by Biyan

DAMAN: First and foremost, glad for the opportunity to introduce you to our readers. In a nutshell, how would you describe yourself?
Everton Stedile: Thanks for having me! It’s such a pleasure. Well, I think knowing and describing yourself will always be an eternal seek for a perfect answer. But I’d say that I’m a fearless hard working man with huge dreams—focused and determined. I truly believe in a better world by trying to show others that the changes have to start from ourselves. Nothing is impossible for me – love followed by good energy are my fuels.

DAMAN: When and how were you scouted? Can you tell us how you initially set foot in the world of modeling?
Everton Stedile: I was always really shy about my appearance, especially because of the fact that I had a lot of pimples – even though already having a different body from the guys my age. For that reason I rarely took pictures shirtless. One day I was at the beach with my family and my sister took a few pictures without telling me and posted on Facebook. After that, I started to receive a lot of messages from relatives and friends saying that I should try to be a model. Few months later a scout came to my city to make a selection and I decided to give it a try. Not long after that, I decided to make the decision to move to São Paulo to pursue a modeling career.

DAMAN: What was the biggest adjustment you had to make as you started to model professionally?
Everton Stedile: I had to learn to respect people’s preferences, especially when it comes to sexual orientation. I came from a small city and a traditional family with a different mentality, so it was an eye opener for me. Nowadays I’m so grateful for this change. Respect to be respected.

DAMAN: Conversely, which parts of the job felt most natural to you?
Everton Stedile: Honestly in the beginning everything was new for me, so nothing felt easy. But as time passed, being able to be chameleon-like where I adapt myself to all the different environments and situations became a natural thing. And I enjoy it a lot!

Outfit by Ikat Indonesia

DAMAN: We’ve also heard that you’re a fitness enthusiast. Can you tell us a bit about this passion of yours?
Everton Stedile: Fitness changed my life completely. It showed me that if you don’t wake up everyday and give your best to achieve your goals, nothing will change. It’s all about setting your mind. It is definitely a hard and long journey to be fit, but the process is totally worth it. And if you use everything you learn through the way in all the other things in life, your chances to be successful are extremely higher. Fitness taught me to be patient, focused and the most important: to never give up.

DAMAN: Let’s go down memory lane for a while. If we’re not mistaken, you used to be a volleyball player from Garopaba, Brazil. Have you always been into sports?
Everton Stedile: Yes, I’ve been into sports my whole life. My dad always pushed me to play soccer, but when I was 10 years old I discovered volleyball and it became my life until I was 17. It’s a huge passion for me and I still play whenever I can.

DAMAN: What’s your fitness routine these days? And how is it different from when you were an athlete?
Everton Stedile: I train with weights at least five times a week and do cardio twice or three times a week. Actually I still use the knowledge or routine that I had when I was an athlete, just trying to improve my exercise. The only difference is that I don’t have practices with the ball anymore, but whenever I can I always try to come back to the courts and remind those days. I’m a sports lover and I need a daily dose of endorphin to make my days better.

Outfit by Populo Batik

DAMAN: Back to your career, let’s talk about your work for and with Dolce & Gabbana earlier this year. What do you think was it that the brand saw in you when they picked you to walk in their show?
Everton Stedile: One thing that’s really important for me, is to look into people’s eyes whenever I’m speaking to somebody. They never lie. I believe that’s possible to show others your true intentions and a bit of your personality through them, either in person or from pictures. I think that they could realize how hard I’ve been working to had that opportunity and that I was ready to represent the brand doing my best at that moment. It was a life changing opportunity and I’m grateful for it.

DAMAN: How did you learn that you were in and how did the runway show go?
Everton Stedile: During the whole process I did one casting, one call back and two fittings until I got the final confirmation, which was only a couple of days before the show. It was such a long month waiting for the answer, I was really anxious. Everything went really well. The show was in the most famous shopping gallery in Milan, La Rinascente, and was open for the public. It was crowded! And we were walking through all the floors in the middle of the schools of shoppers. It was unusual, long but really exciting runaway. I will never forget that feeling.

DAMAN: Out of all the projects you’ve done, which one are you most proud of?
Everton Stedile: Besides walking for D&G, there’s a project that I was chosen to be part of (and will be out in a few months here in Indonesia.) In the day of the shooting I was really sick but even with that condition I muddle through and finished everything, giving my best. It was a big challenge and responsibility, with an amazing crew and really high end brands involved. I can’t wait to see the final result! Stay tuned.

DAMAN: Will we see you in any major campaigns or fashion shows in the near future?
Everton Stedile: Yes, hopefully. I believe in myself, I work hard everyday enjoying all the opportunities that are given to me like they were the last one and I will do my best to be ready for bigger opportunities when they come to me.

Outfit by Priyo Oktaviano

DAMAN: Between editorials, runway shows and ad campaigns, what kind of modeling work do you enjoy the most?
Everton Stedile: I like all of them, but the editorials, in particular, allow your imagination to be anything you want according to the moodboards and concepts that are given. It’s so exciting to incorporate a character and be somebody different from what you usually are and see the results after.

DAMAN: What are the ups and downs of working as a model that you’ve been through so far?
Everton Stedile: Being a model is always an uncertainty. Sometimes things don’t happen when you plan or expect and then suddenly they can change so fast, either from negative to positive or the opposite way. It’s really important to have a solid control of your mind on how to deal and overcome it. Also being away from my family, friends and country for long periods can be tough sometimes, but after every achievement I recharge myself and keep moving forward towards my goals and dreams. Ups and downs happens to everyone, how you deal with them is what makes the difference.

DAMAN: What do you consider to be your most defining moment as a model?
Everton Stedile: When I just arrived in Milan -which was my first time in the top market- and went for my first casting for one of the most famous brands, the casting director gave me so many compliments that I’ve never heard before in a casting since I started to be a model. After that episode, I started to believe in myself even more and realized that I’m in the right way. I’ll never forget that day.

Outfit by Priyo Oktaviano

DAMAN: Just glimpsing at your Instagram account, it looks like you enjoy traveling quite a bit and you’ve journeyed all around the world. What are some of your favorite destinations and why?
Everton Stedile: Yes, in the past three years I’ve worked in 11 countries including here in Indonesia. Answering this is always a hard one for me. But among them I’d say Los Angeles because of the weather and the beaches, Milan because of the culture and the food and Seoul because of the development level. It’s really complicated for me to choose only one, I have had so many great memories and experiences from all the countries that I’ve been until now and I’m looking forward to explore new places soon.

DAMAN: Speaking of Instagram, however, do you think that your social media presence plays a significant role in your career?
Everton Stedile: Yes, it definitely has a significant participation. Instagram gives you a huge exposure to the world and allows people to get to know a bit of who you are through what you post. It’s also a great place to build work connections and I’m really happy that quite a lot of people like what I do. I’m gonna keep working hard to improve and to show people who I am but always keeping in mind that Instagram isn’t real life.

Outfit by Populo Batik

DAMAN: Moving on to personal subjects, what does being a model mean to you?
Everton Stedile: Means a lot to me. Being a model taught me so many things since I started, gave me the opportunity to travel the world and get to know new cultures, places and people. It also taught me the real meaning of love when I had to be away from my family and friends for long periods. Made me able to know who I really am. I love what I do and I don’t see it as a job. As Confucious said himself, “Find a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

DAMAN: All in all, what would you say does it take to be a successful male model nowadays?
Everton Stedile: There are a lot of characteristics to be mentioned but, among them, I’d pick five. First is to have patience, aside from a strong mind and resilience to deal with the rejections -which is something really common in modeling- and not give up no matter what. Second, learn to deal with people equally no matter which position or level you are. Humility is essential to conquer people’s respect and be remembered positively. And then, you have to listen more and always be open to learning. It’s always possible to learn something new. Fourth, treat everybody as you would like to be treated. The universe will give back to you what you give to it. Be kind, nice, polite and always have in mind that the first impression is the one that people will have from you. So take every opportunity as it was the last one. Last but not least, take care of your general health, which includes your body, your mind and your soul. Self confidence is a must and to be successful you gotta be 100%.

DAMAN: Beyond your work, are there any personal goals you’re looking to tackle in the near future?
Everton Stedile: I have a huge passion for music. I started to learn guitar 10 years ago and now I’m starting to write songs and to learn how to sing properly. I wanna study music -learn piano, improve my guitar skills and develop my voice- and become a great musician to be able to transmit to people the same feeling that I have when I see somebody performing and delivering good music. So far with no professional intentions, but the future is unknown and I will just be open for any good thing that might come across my path.

DAMAN: One last question: Outside of modeling, what is it that you consider to be your most important personal, non-career accomplishment?
Everton Stedile: I’ve been living by my own since I was 16 and, through these years, I’ve had so many opportunities to take wrong ways and make bad decisions. But I’ve always kept my integrity and was able to built a really strong character and values. I’m so grateful for the education that I had from my family and I’m proud to have became the person that I’m nowadays.

Outfit by Biyan


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