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Exclusive Fashion Feature: Chris Galya

Up-and-coming young actor Chris Galya poses for DA MAN as we get up close and personal with the star of Disney Channel’s groundbreaking new sitcom, Jessie. 

IMG_0527-Chris-Galya DA MAN


On the TV show, Chris Galya–a model-cum-actor–portrays Tony, a good-looking 20-year-old doorman working at Ross Manor, where he has a crush on Jessie, who just moved in the building.


Ever since he landed a recurring role on the popular new series, Chris has been idolized by many across the globe. Here he takes some time to show us his modeling prowess and reveals what his inner child is like.
DA MAN: One of your most memorable experiences is…
Chris Galya: Walking in Alexander McQueen’s spring-summer 2008 runway show. I am humbled to have had the opportunity to work with a genius like McQueen.


DA MAN: You can’t live without…
Chris Galya: My iPhone, which allows me to receive e-mails.


DA MAN: Your idea of happiness…
Chris Galya: Chocolate frantically stirred into milk.

 IMG_0389-Chris-Galya for DA MAN

DA MAN: You value…
Chris Galya: Other people’s opinions, just as a reminder to always take my own advice.


DA MAN: Something that you have not told anyone is…
Chris Galya: I have a new phone number.


DA MAN: This year, your goal is to…
Chris Galya: Make the whole world laugh. Period.


DA MAN: Fashion, to you, is…
Chris Galya: Using clothes to speak for you. For example, on Sundays I’m in sweatpants. That means ‘I’m watching football all day and eating pretzels.’


DA MAN: If you weren’t acting or modeling, you would be…
Chris Galya: An artist, or professionally helping people smuggle outside candy into movie theaters. I’d do either profession happily.


DA MAN: Your favorite journey has been…
Chris Galya: Moving unexpectedly to L.A. with one week’s worth of T-shirts and the motivation of people telling me to ‘have a backup plan.’


DA MAN: Your motto in life is…
Chris Galya: Fear is not an option.


Outfit by Calvin Klein


DA MAN: Tell us about your character on Jessie and what it’s like to film?
Chris Galya: I love playing Tony, he’s an extremely stand-up guy. It’s actually hard to keep a straight face when you’re working with such a hilarious cast. The kids crack me up, they are mini comedic geniuses.




Photographer: Eric Silverberg
Grooming: Leslie Alejandro, using Celtic Cream, KMS Hair Play, Kenra Volume Spray



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