Etro is Inspired by Eggs to Create Its Gender-Blurring Collection

EGG-SPIRING COLLECTION. Gender-blurring, genderless, feminine masculinity—whatever the fashion industry calls it, the trend of blurring the lines between masculine and feminine styles has become a persistent participant on various runways




Etro joined in the movement for its spring/summer ’16 collection as Kean Etro, the brand’s creative director, ventured into a more philosophical route to explore the concept of genders.

His starting point is an egg, “a symbol of primordial life.” Representing a neutral element, a union of male and female, the egg motif was translated into pieces in varying shades of pink that were constructed with feminine materials and fluid silhouettes.

From V-neck T-shirts made from pink crêpe de Chine to suede bags and sunglasses, the brand offers its interpretation of a “new masculinity” that is unmistakably Etro.