Essential: Shades of Winter

NIFTY SHADES OF GRAY. If blue is the color of summer, then gray is the quintessential shade of winter. It can act as a canvas for your outfit, to be paired with almost any other hues. You can easily avoid looking dull when wearing gray by combining its varying shades and textures



1. Sneakers by Lanvin; 2. Glasses by Hugo BossOptik Melawai; 3. Scarf by Lanvin; 4. Bracelets by Louis Vuitton; 5. Briefcase by Louis Vuitton; 6. Belt by Louis Vuitton; 7. Pouch by Louis Vuitton



Photography Haruns Maharbina
Styling Triska Putri
Styling Assistant Jay Robert Davies
Digital Imaging Michael Purwagani