Essential: Kenzo Playful Polkadot Accessories

A DOSE OF DOTS. “A love letter to Paris” is a fitting way to describe how American designers Humberto Leon and Carol Kim poured their hearts out into their work for the spring/summer ’15 collection of Parisbased brand Kenzo.


Holographic badges, embroidered emblems and Parisian icons along with images of the Statue of Liberty made using optical-knit techniques are highlighted to encapsulate the meeting of two cultures. Admittedly, it is done in a brilliant but playful way, especially in the brand’s mod-like, exuberant accessories. Among the brand’s fun offerings, a handful come bearing this season’s notable polka dot motifs; including gadget case, scarves and hats. They will spruce up any ensemble and are easy to pair, not to mention that they are quintessentially Kenzo.