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Dylan Sprayberry of “Teen Wolf” is On His Way to Becoming a Hollywood Headliner

SUPERBOY. Known for portraying teen roles, Dylan Sprayberry shows that there’s nothing juvenile about his personality or his talent


Dylan Sprayberry of Teen Wolf in t-Shirt by american apparel, trousers by g-Star raW
T-shirt by American Apparel, trousers by G-Star RAW



Before Clark Kent finally took up the cape of Superman in “Man of Steel,” he was a conflicted teenager who ended up uttering some of the most moving lines in the 2013 movie. That teen version of the last Son of krypton was played by american actor Dylan Sprayberry. The following year, Sprayberry joined MTV’s “Teen Wolf” (if you’re familiar with the 1985 film of the same name starring Michael J. Fox, this is basically a modern TV adaptation of the same story) and has found a permanent home as a regular cast member of the award-winning series.

Of course, the Texas-born actor has chalked up plenty of other works in his nine-year career, including appearances in, for example, “Glee” and “Old Dogs.” That being said, it would seem that it is now in the 2010s that Sprayberry really began landing roles that showcase his charm, his rugged good looks and his repertoire of acting skills—all of which have long passed the limits of what a teen actor delivers. In the meantime, though, watching reruns of “Man of Steel” and catching up with “Teen Wolf” might give you a glimpse of a Hollywood headliner in the making.

DA MAN: Hi, Dylan. So, the sixth season of “Teen Wolf” has just started airing. Can you give us a rundown of what to expect this time?
Dylan Sprayberry:
Can’t say much except that there’s lots of action. So, make sure to tune in.

DA MAN: “Teen Wolf” has enjoyed consistently high ratings so far. What would you say is the key to the show’s success?
DS: Sex appeal and relatable underlying story lines.

DA MAN: For our readers who aren’t familiar with “Teen Wolf” yet, would now be a good time to start following the show?
DS: Well, I think it would be helpful to watch season one for sure to understand the main premise of the show. Each season has a freestanding story, but watching as many previous seasons as possible would certainly help you get a feel for the characters and their relationships.


Dylan Sprayberry of Teen Wolf in Shorts by g-Star raW, shoes by Nike
Shorts by G-Star RAW, shoes by Nike


DA MAN: On a more personal note, what has been the best part of being on the show for you?
Dylan Sprayberry: Definitely the friendships I have made. The cast is like family.

DA MAN: Do you have any other upcoming film projects?
Dylan Sprayberry: Nothing I can talk about, but I have a few projects in the near future.

DA MAN: By the way, when you’re considering a possible role in a TV show or a movie, what do you usually look for?
Dylan Sprayberry: I would like to do a period piece. I am always reading scripts and looking for characters that I can connect with and intriguing stories.


Dylan Sprayberry of Teen Wolf in oil-free moisturizer by Baxter of california
Oil-free moisturizer by Baxter of California


DA MAN: You’ve been acting for close to a decade, right? What is it about this profession that you’re most passionate about?
Dylan Sprayberry: Some people have “normal jobs” and are only able to be creative on their personal time. This profession allows me to be creative 100 percent of the time!

DA MAN: So far, which of your personal traits have proven to be most valuable in your career?
Dylan Sprayberry: My ability to instinctively know what I should and should not be doing for my career. That, and being able to strategize and put myself in the best position possible to be successful.

DA MAN: On the flip side, of all the lessons, new skills and pointers you’ve picked up along the way, which ones have been the most impactful?
Dylan Sprayberry: As the years go on and I become older, I find myself able to comprehend human emotions more and more deeply.


Dylan Sprayberry of Teen Wolf in Sweater by Ben Sherman, trousers by DuSty, sunglasses by ray-Ban, shoes by Nike
Sweater by Ben Sherman, trousers by Dusty, sunglasses by Ray-Ban, shoes by Nike


DA MAN: Looking ahead a bit, what’s the next career milestone that you’re hoping to achieve in the near future?
Dylan Sprayberry: After being on a very successful TV show, I would like to further my movie career.

DA MAN: Finally, looking a bit further to the future, do you see yourself dabbling in other aspects of the industry? Say, writing or directing?
Dylan Sprayberry: Yes! I love writing stories! In school, my favorite class was creative writing. So, naturally, writing scripts is on my to-do list.


Dylan Sprayberry of Teen Wolf in shorts by contraband hats
Shorts by Contraband Hats


DA MAN: We’ve also just heard that you’re involved in a photo project with Leica and photographer Tyler Shields. Can you tell us a bit about this collaboration?
Dylan Sprayberry: Tyler is very talented and we are always working on new creative ideas and projects. Recently, I was involved in a shoot with Marilyn Manson and there is more to come.

DA MAN: Outside of work, projects and publicity, what do you usually do?
Dylan Sprayberry: Making music with my friends; training, boxing or working out; and watching movies and great TV series. Right now, I’m on my second round of “Boardwalk Empire.”

DA MAN: One final question: If somebody came up to you and says, “What do I have to do to be as famous as you?” What would you tell him or her?
Dylan Sprayberry: It’s not about being famous; it’s about doing what you love.


Dylan Sprayberry of Teen Wolf in Jacket by Burberry
Jacket by Burberry


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Photography Mitchell Nguyen McCormack
Styling Lauren Larocca
Grooming Grace Phillips using Baxter of California
Styling assistants Courtney Leday and Shyan Ranje





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