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DJ Hardwell Reveals What It Takes to Be Number One

SECOND TO NONE. DA MAN glimpses into the life of the unstoppable DJ Hardwell




The trailer to DJ Hardwell’s documentary “I AM Hardwell – Living the Dream,” which premiered last October, opened with a clip of an old interview. When asked about his dream, he said, “To become the number-one DJ.” It was as if he could see into the future. As if he knew that he would eventually earn the title, and not just once, mind you; but twice in 2013 and 2014. He did place second last year, but 2015 was hardly a bad year for the acclaimed DJ, as he started it by releasing his long-awaited debut album “United We Are” and closed it with a successful charity concert in India under
the banner of his very own humanitarian organization, United We Are Foundation.


DA MAN: Hello, Hardwell! So, what have you been up to these days?
DJ Hardwell:
I’m heavily focused on the foundation right now. I’ve also been touring a lot around the world with my own tour show: I Am Hardwell – United We Are, and over the summer I’ve also been touring my label, Revealed Recordings, hosting arena shows at festivals such as EDC Las Vegas, Creamfields, TomorrowWorld, Tomorrowland and Tomorrowland Brazil. So, it [2015] was a really busy year with shows. I partnered with Miller Genuine Draft to do a series of exclusive videos and more to promote nightlife culture, and the buzz so far has been incredible. We released the 200th single from my label, which was a single by myself featuring Jake Reese called “Mad World.” I’m also about to release the remix version of my debut artist album “United We Are” and working on a lot of new music right now.

DA MAN: You also released a documentary last year. What do you expect people to discover from this feature?
DJ Hardwell: This documentary is a follow-up from my first one. I want fans to get an insight into my life, career and passion after I was awarded the title of World’s number one DJ. It’s been a crazy journey and so much has changed and happened, with me having grown as well. So, it’s a real through-the-keyhole view on me and what it takes to hold a title like that.


DJ Hardwell_GerardHenninger2_Oct2015-small


DA MAN: What does it take to become the youngest number-one DJ and to always stay in top form?
DJ Hardwell: There’s a lot of pressure; it involves a lot of work and a very busy schedule, from shows to press to studio work to traveling. It’s a very busy existence, but I loved it and still do—it’s what I’ve always wanted to do with my life. My life is a little less stressful now but still equally busy. I’m still touring like I was doing before, but I’m now getting a chance to be in the studio more, which I’m really loving!

DA MAN: Your first full production show in Asia was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, a couple of years ago. Is there anything you remember about your fans here?
DJ Hardwell: It’s simply crazy! They really love the music over there. It’s a fantastic location to go to and play, to visit and soak up the atmosphere and culture. I loved it!





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