Dior Sauvage’s New Campaign Features 4 Real People (and No Johnny Depp)

Dior rolls out a series of documentaries as a part of Sauvage’s new campaign


Harrison Roach for Dior Sauvage Tales of the Wild - Solace
Harrison Roach


When it comes to promoting its men’s fragrance, Dior has had its fair share of renowned brand ambassadors, starting from Alain Delon to Johnny Depp; the latter was first announced as the face of Sauvage earlier this year.

A day ago, though, Dior has unveiled a new campaign for Sauvage. Of course Depp has been making headlines for a different reason entirely these days, but we can’t tell for sure if this has prompted Dior to launch a new campaign without him. It can also be because Dior has decided to take a more “grounded” approach to advertise Sauvage, as the brand has now put the spotlight on and picked real people, instead of world-famous actors, to star in the campaign.

These real people or, in Dior’s words, “four authentic men,” are Harrison Roach, Jakob von Plessen, Arthur Van Der Putten and Ethan Pringle. In a series of four short documentaries, Dior follows the lives of the men, who are deemed to embody the philosophy of Sauvage in real life.


Jakob von Plessen for Dior Sauvage Tales of the Wild - Gaucho
Jakob von Plessen


Arthur Van Der Putten for Dior Sauvage Tales of the Wild - Aizkolari
Arthur Van Der Putten


Each man becomes the main character in his own short film. The first in the series is entitled “Solace” and stars Roach, who is a surfer from Australia. The second is “Gaucho,” and features Jakob von Plessen, an Argentina-raised gaucho (or horseman). The next one is called “Aizkolari” and tells the story of wood-chopper Arthur Van Der Putten. The fourth and last one is “El Capitan” and it’s about a mountain-scaler named Ethan Pringle.


Ethan Pringle for Dior Sauvage Tales of the Wild - El Capitan
Ethan Pringle


With a duration that lasts for six to seven minutes, the films are connected with the same theme of nature and the spirit of “wildness” in the four men, who bravely changed the course of their lives to pursue their passions.

Watch the films below: