Diesel is Making the Most Stylish Motivational Posters Ever

Definitely beats the “Hang in There” cat poster any day




First introduced on September 6 during Diesel‘s 30th year anniversary celebration in Tokyo, the brand has now completely unveiled the 50 Rules #forsuccessfulliving project.

The simplest way to describe the special project is to consider it as a collection of motivational posters. But they’re a far cry from the usual posters you would see on the walls of an office or a waiting room. Why? Because, for one, those posters, unlike the ones by Diesel, are not helmed by Terry Richardson.

Diesel has tapped the renowned fashion photographer to create the striking visuals seen on the posters. A reminiscent of Diesel’s ad campaigns for the last few seasons, each of the 50 images is accompanied with a motivational phrase that is in line with the brand’s philosophy.

For example, poster #1 comes with the phrase “Think bold,” #9 with “Be brave,” #27 with “Never give up” and #30 with “Step out your comfort zone.” The last poster, #50, comes with a blank canvas and an encouraging phrase, “Make your own rules.”






Unlike usual motivational posters, Diesel’s are meant for places beyond an office or waiting room. The brand has planned to activate a series of project-related events in London, Milan, New York and Shanghai, where the #forsuccessfulliving exhibition, fashion show and Diesel party will be held this month.

See more images below: