Daniel Dae Kim is the Face of Clinique for Men

Our former cover star is also joined by Levinson Wood


daniel dae kim for clinique for men #behindtheface
Daniel Dae Kim


Everyone knows that South Korean-American actor Daniel Dae Kim, who covered DA MAN back in 2010, is a bona fide TV star; for the last seven years, he’s been a cast member of “Hawaii Five-O.” Moreover, we’ll never get tired of talking about his death scenes on “Lost” (yes, you probably remember that he had more than one death scene on the TV show).

This year, though, Kim will have to add more titles than “TV star” to his resume. In May, he was cast in the Broadway revival of “The King and I,” replacing Ken Watanabe as the iconic King of Siam. And to great effect, if we may add; his performance has been hailed as “impressive” by Hollywood Reporter.

And now he has one more role to fill: The face of Clinique for Men‘s newly launched campaign. Called #BehindTheFace, the campaign is built to fulfill (millennial) men’s ever-increasing interest in skincare.

“The younger generation, the digital generation, has changed a lot. When you post pictures every day of yourself, you can imagine skin care has a great role to play. They know that they need to take care of it,” says Julien Moignard, vice president of skin care marketing for Clinique for Men, as quoted from WWD.


levison wood for clinique for men #behindtheface
Levison Wood


Clinique for Men has also chosen English photographer and author Levison Wood to join Kim as a fellow ambassador. Meanwhile, a third, now-unnamed ambassador will be unveiled by the brand in the spring.