Curran Walters is a superhero in “Titans” and a rising star in real life

BOY WONDER – Playing Robin has put Curran Walters’ name on the map. But this is probably just the beginning for the young actor, as he is ready to soar even higher in the future.

Curran Walters is having the time of his life at the moment. The young actor is gaining fame through a path that many teenage boys could only dream of: becoming a superhero. Well, playing one to be exact. Walters is part of the latest superhero hit series, “Titans,” where he plays Jason Todd, a fan-favorite DC Comics character that is a member of the Batman extended family. And apparently Walters’ fame is not only because the show is good, but because his Jason Todd is deemed to be one of the best characters there!

An actor since his early teens, Walters have been working in smaller roles in high-rated series such as “Girl Meets World,” “Speechless,” “Alexa & Katie,” and started to stole scenes when he was part of the ensemble of Tyler Perry’s short lived TLC network series, “Too Close to Home.” But Walters never stopped working hard – until the “Titans” knocked on his door.

DAMAN: Hi Jason – we mean, Curran! Thanks for being here!
Curran Walters: Thanks for having me, guys!

DAMAN: For those who starts to recognize you through “Titans,” tell us a little about yourself
Curran Walters: I am 21 years old . I was born in Southern California. Acting has always been my passion since I was very young and I am grateful to be living out my dream.

DAMAN: How about telling us from the beginning – how did you start acting?
Curran Walters: At the age of 13, I was approached by my dad’s friend whose mother is a manager of child actors. I guess it was either a beautiful fate, or she actually had my eye on me for a while. Because on the day we met, she simply told me, “Curran, its not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when!” Well, long story short, she has been my manger ever since!

DAMAN: How did you get the part in “Titans?”
Curran Walters: Not trying to be a a drag, nor to brag – but for Titans I simply went to a first call and without even a callback, I was offered the role. I guess my luck still hasn’t run out!

DAMAN: Compared to Dick Grayson, not many people know who Jason Todd is – can you give a crash course on JT for our readers?
Curran Walters: Jason Todd was discovered by Batman then turned into his vigilante partner. If you already get the connection with Dick Grayson here, then yes, Jason Todd is later known as (drumroll please) the second Robin. In the show Titans you get to explore Dick and Jason’s relationship as you really get to know both characters

DAMAN: How do you play this role? Are there any inspiration or certain emotional part that you use?
Curran Walters: When I first booked the role I did a lot of studying on Jason Todd. I went to many different comic book stores and gathered as much information as I could on the character. I really tried to give the fans a mix of the comic book version of Jason Todd but also added some of my own twists to the character. Playing this character has allowed me to really explore my emotions as an actor.

DAMAN: Was playing a superhero something you always wanted?
Curran Walters: I mean of course, I think playing a superhero is something every actor would want to do at some point in their career!

DAMAN: Are you a comic book fan yourself? If you are, who is your favorite comic book character?
Curran Walters: Before I got the role, I wasn’t all that into comics to be honest. I mean of course I knew about all the more famous ones, but I was not personally that into them. But now that I am one, per se,  I would have to say my favorite is Jason Todd! Of course, this is mainly because I get to play him. Although Batman is pretty cool, and Jason gets to hang out with him a lot – so he’s definitely on second place.

DAMAN: Back to acting in general, what is the most memorable moment in your career so far?
Curran Walters: I had just wrapped a show in Los Angeles and took the red eye to Atlanta to meet Tyler Perry. Just had a little sleep and completely drained, I walked in the room, trying to look my best. Well, lo and behold, there he was, Tyler Perry himself, holding my headshot. It was pretty thrilling and surreal. I ended up booking the first ever scripted show for TLC, “Too Close To Home.”

DAMAN: What’s your favorite pastime activities?
Curran Walters: Unlike Jason, I’m a pretty simple guy. My favorite things are spending time with my family and friends, going to the beach or playing sports.

DAMAN: Last one, where do you see yourself in ten years?
Curran Walters: I see myself starring in big movies and achieving my dream to win an Oscar!


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