Cover Story: Rupert Friend

DA MAN: So, the scuttlebutt is that you’re also into video games, including the “Hitman” series. Well, at least “Hitman: Absolution” and, yes, we peeked at your AMA on Reddit. Now, do you feel that “Hitman: Agent 47” is a good adaptation of its source material?
Rupert Friend:
I feel that it’s important to reinvent rather than be literal when interpreting existing source material. It’s not so much an adaptation as an extension of the world of Agent 47. This new film is a window into an earlier time in the life of this character.



Coat and sweater by Jil Sander, trousers by Tod’s


DA: The character that you play, while definitely a good guy, earns his paycheck by offing people in cold blood. How do you manage to manifest these contrasting traits in your portrayal of him?
I wouldn’t be so sure that he’s a good guy. I always thought anti-heroes were cooler than superheroes, anyway.



“I always thought anti-heroes were cooler than superheroes”



DA: You did a lot of your own stunts, right? Were there any particularly memorable sequences you can tell us about?
Breaking a guy’s neck, with my legs, while my hands were handcuffed to a table. [Beat] Fifty-three times.



Sweater by Louis Vuitton


DA: Of course, we’re also starting to hear about “Barton & Charlie & Checco & Bill.” Can you give us a brief rundown about this upcoming movie you’re directing?
It’s a classic story about con artists, each thinking they’re ahead of the other. At the same time, it’s also a love story about finding out what really matters.


“I feel it’s important to reinvent rather than be literal when interpreting source material”


DA: While “Barton & Charlie & Checco & Bill” will be your feature directorial debut, you’ve also directed, written and produced several short films. What is it that you like the most about being behind the camera?
I don’t have to wear makeup.

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