Could You Guess What Image These Hermès Tops Portray?

BEAUTY DISORDER. While they may look like random puzzles, the “En Désordre” print is an exclusive pattern of the house that made its first appearance on women’s scarves


Hermes En Désordre” print-1


It was the proud work of Cyrille Diatkine based on the bestselling Hermès scarf pattern named “Brides de Gala” (Gala Bridles) by Hugo Grygkar—the notable designer who debuted the Carré Hermès (the brand’s iconic silk squares) in the 1940s.


Hermes En Désordre” print-2


This piece of the brand’s history is now celebrated in this season’s menswear offerings and reworked into a sumptuous fabric combination of metis goatskin and silk twill. The visual allure is immediate, boasting textural luxury and effortlessly chic silhouettes that are unmistakably French.