Conor McGregor is a Fashionweight Champ

Conor McGregor floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee and dresses like it’s nobody’s business


UFC 197 On-Sale Press Conference
In one of his signature custom-made suits by Louis Copeland


Several issues ago, we interviewed actor Miguel Gomez who appeared in the movie “Southpaw.” At one point, he noted how in boxing, “closed mouths don’t get fed.” This principle applies to all combat sports, including MMA, where a fighter’s persona counts for just as much as his fighting skills. Case in point: Irish mixed martial artist Conor “The Notorious” McGregor.

Make no mistake: McGregor is one hell of a fighter—you don’t become the UFC Featherweight Champion without incredible skill. And the man’s professional record of 19 wins (17 by KO) and three losses speaks volumes about his dedication to the sport. Still, he is equally known for his attitude and his trash-talking, which has led to comparisons with the legendary Muhammad Ali.



“God bless the Italians and their fine silks”



There is, actually, another celebrity that McGregor has often been compared to: Eddie Redmayne. This observation was borne from the fact that McGregor is one of the very few celebs other than Redmayne capable of totally rocking a plaid suit.

As a matter of fact, the patriotic Irishman’s default appearance—whether for TV appearances or UFC weigh-ins—is “dressed to the nines,” more often than not in a fine tailored suit.


UFC 179 Weigh-in
Conor McGregor in one of his flamboyant shirts at the UFC 179 press conference


“If you give me have a chance to wear a suit,” he once remarked, “I’m going to come in with a custom suit made from scratch, straight from the fabric, fitted perfectly on my fantastic physique.” He usually gets his suits from Louis Copeland, a purveyor of high-end fashion and tailored clothing for men based in Ireland, whose clients include the likes of Pierce Brosnan and Bill Clinton.

The clothier has even credited McGregor, who once boasted on Twitter about having more custom-made Louis Copeland suits than Louis Copeland himself, for boosting the company’s revenue a fair bit and introducing the charm of bow ties to a whole new generation.

Fighting, flair and fashion: That’s Conor McGregor in a nutshell.