Christian Louboutin Men’s Spring-Summer 2012 Collection

Spikes and Stones. Christian Louboutin, apparently, is a man that sticks by his every word. Because when he named his new Man Flat “No Limit,” he really wanted it to have no boundaries.

The designer himself seemed to hold nothing back when he created these new sneakers from his spring-summer 2012 collection. What resulted is a pair of brightly colored, metal-spiked and rhinestone-adorned sneakers.

Now, the over-the-top shoes might not fit everyone’s taste. But then again, how many other shoes can be this wow-inducing? For more modest choices, Louboutin also has come out with two other kinds of sneakers. White all over, the Louis Strass shoes are understated, despite the rhinestones covering almost its entire surface.

The Michael Flat, meanwhile, has the plainest design of all three, but compensates with an electrifying aqua-suede finish.