Veteran Actor Patrick Fabian shares everything about his twenty year long career

SEASONED SHOWMAN – With a resume spanning more than two decades of 130 something roles, Patrick Fabian have been in so many TV series and movies, it was very interesting to pick his brain about his experience.

Patrick Fabian is probably one of Hollywood’s most notable ‘that guy,’ an actor that you recognized from almost everything you’ve seen – especially with his very distinguishable white hair and blue eyes. His journey started in the 1990s, and since then have appeared in more than a hundred TV parts. From timeless comedies like ‘Friends,” “Dharma and Greg,” and “Saved by the Bell,” to classic sci-fis and fantasies like “Star Trek: Voyager” and “Xena: the Warrior Princess,” to soapies like “General Hospital,” and “Melrose Place.”

When the wave of crime dramas at the early 2000s came, Fabian did not slow down. He’s been in all three series of “CSI,” he’s been in “Criminal Minds,” “24,” “Law and Order,” and “Without a Trace” just to name a few. Lately, he’s been in award winning and top rated series such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Lucifer,” “Agents of SHIELD,” and his most well known in “Better Call Saul.”

A true performer, Fabian claims that he’s enjoying every minute of his 20 years plus career and not planning to slow down – even still keeping dreams of some dream projects of his own.

DAMAN: Hi Patrick! It’s great to meet you!
Patrick Fabian: It’s a pleasure to be here.

DAMAN: Could you tell tell us how did you start acting in the first place.
Patrick Fabian: It started quite early. I caught the acting bug back in high school while doing musicals. Boy, I really wanted to be Gene Kelly.

DAMAN: Was acting always something that you wanted to do?
Patrick Fabian: Believe it or not, I got into the arts through playing trombone, singing in the chorus and playing string bass in the orchestra. It only took me one step onstage with plays and music, I was hooked for good.

DAMAN: You’ve had more than 130 credits to your name – which one is your favorite?
Patrick Fabian: I love playing Howard Hamlin on “Better Call Saul.” But playing a rogue who gets to beat up the bad guys AND kiss Xena (Lucy Lawless) is definitely a hot second!

DAMAN: We could imagine kissing Xena must be awesome! Any other awesome things you’ve done while acting all those many roles?
Patrick Fabian: So many. I’ve been on horseback in the middle of the night, been onstage in NYC, been in -45 degrees with reindeer. I’ve worn suits, chaps and speedos. I got punched, shot and kissed the girl. It’s all been fun.

DAMAN: If you could name three actors or filmmakers that you would love to work with, who would they be?
Patrick Fabian: Right now, at the top of my head, probably Guillermo Del Toro and Aaron Sorkin for their scripts and directions. And I always wanted to share a project with Sterling K. Brown – he’s just so great!

DAMAN: On the other side of that spectrum, which three performers or auteurs that resonates with you the best in your professional history?
Patrick Fabian:  Oof, this is a hard one. But I guess I keep the legends on top of my list – Bill Paxton, Angela Lansbury and Bob Odenkirk have been some of the best number ones on the call sheet I’ve ever had the pleasure.

DAMAN: With hundreds of roles played, is there any that you haven’t and desperately wanted to try?
Patrick Fabian: As cliched as it sounds, I always wanted to be sheriff in a Western. There’s a legacy in that. All the best actors have done it – I would  want to bear the responsibility as well.

DAMAN: Had you didn’t get involved in the plays and musicals in high school -or any forms of art, for that matter- what will you be doing for a living right now?
Patrick Fabian: This may sound either absurd or just pure fantastic, because if given the chance, I would serve as a forest ranger in a heartbeat. I kid you not.

DAMAN: Care to share us about your favorite pastime activities?
Patrick Fabian: Laundry and grocery shop (laughs.) My wife and I have two young girls, so basically that’s our weekly highlights. But I also always try to get a hike in every now and then.

DAMAN: Two decades is a long time for one job. When do you think you will retire?
Patrick Fabian: I’m blessed that I get to do the thing I love most for a living. I try to never take that for granted. And you’ll have to drag me off set to get me to stop.


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