Charlie Matthews Bares All

Briefs by Moschino

DA MAN: What is your number-one, non-negotiable rule for personal styling and grooming?
Charlie Matthews: I have to represent my Charlie Matthews Jewels for styling and always keep my hair slicked back.

DA MAN: Speaking of which, can you tell us the story behind Charlie Matthews Jewels?
Charlie Matthews: So, last year I got more into fashion and decided to buy accessories when I was shopping at Fifth Avenue in New York City. At the same time, a company reached out to me and gave me an amazing opportunity to start my own jewelry line. I thought this would be a great opportunity to start a successful collection under my name.

DA MAN: What, would you say, is your collection’s DNA? What makes your designs unique?
Charlie Matthews: I’d say the shapes. I wanted to use beads and color combinations to make them stand out from the other bracelets out there.

DA MAN: Moving on to the lighter side of life, we noticed you also have a pretty active YouTube channel. What do you enjoy the most about making videos?
Charlie Matthews: I want people to get to know more about me, my personality and what I usually do on a daily basis. What’s best about making YouTube videos is engaging with my followers and getting to know them more.

Briefs by Calvin Klein

Briefs by Hugo Boss

DA MAN: Do you have any long term plans when it comes to video making? Make your own web series, perhaps?
Charlie Matthews: I thought about that but I would have to get a bigger audience for that since my YouTube channel is still young.

DA MAN: And what are your overall long-term goals? Or perhaps, what are the next career or personal milestones that you want to achieve?
Charlie Matthews: My long term goals is to book multiple campaigns with higher end brands and work with legendary photographers such as Mario Testino, Mario Sorrenti, Steven Klein or Mert and Marcus.

DA MAN: You’re also noted for your passion for sports like baseball, basketball as well as track and field. Do you still play or train in these?
Charlie Matthews: I play in a basketball league on the weekends in my hometown in California and also started to play golf. Golf is very new to me, so whenever I get a chance, I’ll go out on the course to practice my swing.

DA MAN: Final question: Do you have any advice for any aspiring models out there who want to be just as successful as you?
Charlie Matthews: My advice to aspiring models out there is to keep hustling. Never give up and find the right person or agency who is willing to commit to you to reach for the stars.

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