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DA MAN Fashion Spread: Journey To The East


For Louis Vuitton’s Fall-Winter 2012 collection, designer Kim Jones was inspired by Antonio Lopez’s seventies and eighties Japonisme style, which combines the mythologies of Tokyo and Paris to create the image of the modern Louis Vuitton man. All clothing and accessories are by Louis … [Read more...]

Fashion Feature: All Tied Up

Suit and shirt by Hugo Boss,  bow tie by Canali, belt  by Salvatore Ferragamo,  coat by Z Zegna

Since its creation, the tie has been reinvented in many variations and types of knots. As a sign of membership, or for decorative purposes, the tie is always a reliable accessory in menswear, as shown by this classy fashion shoot, featuring clothes and ties from Hugo Boss, Canali, Salvatore … [Read more...]

Breitling: Time Flies

Breitling spread 0

The consummate partner of the world of aviation for a century, Breitling is a specialist in technical timepieces and has played a crucial role in the development of the wrist chronograph. Left: Breitling Transocean, Steel case with Black and black Croco Strap, Jacket by Y-3, Scarf by H.E. By … [Read more...]

DA MAN Style Icon: Roger Federer


THE MAESTRO. Swiss tennis star Roger Federer, who has been repeatedly called as the “greatest tennis player of all time,” is just as suave off court as he is during a match. He’s our icon of fashion this issue as well. … [Read more...]

DA MAN Fashion Spread: Crimson Tide

Shirt by Acne

One of the most outstanding trends that represents this red hot summer season is none other than crimson. Confident and bold, crimson-clad gents symbolize strength, power, a will to win and good fortune--basically all the criteria needed for cool dudes this hot season. Shirt by Acne … [Read more...]

DA MAN Fashion Spread: Young Hearts

94-101_Daniel Bruce

The quiet undercurrent of modern-day youthful rebellion, inspired by the teen angst in small-town USA, is alive and well in this fashion editorial. On Jonathan: Shirt by Calvin Klein, tie by Dibi, pants by RRL, blazer by Club Monaco, shoes by Valentino On Hannah: Dress by Zara, socks by Cookies, … [Read more...]