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Fashion Spread: Galeries Lafayette

Feature Lafayette 1

THE MODERN MEN. This season men’s classic tops are no longer just a canvas of dressing. Bound to make fashion statements on their own, these selections from several forefront brands available in Galeries Lafayette transgress conventional boundaries with a blast of colors and textures that … [Read more...]

DA MAN Icon: Kanye West


WILD WILD WEST. The year 2013 can be said a flying year for music and fashion iconoclast Kanye West. The regular chart-topper and news headliner has delivered two babies safely this year: his first child with reality star girlfriend Kim Kardashian, and his sixth studio album, “Yeezus” … [Read more...]

Watch Spread: TAG Heuer

Watch Spread Tag Heuer 1

SPORTING CHAMP. In the sphere of horology TAG Heuer packs a punch for delivering pioneering watches suited to sports champions, not excluding the fastest racers on the planet. Wrapped in exquisite designs and bolstered with a high-tech timekeeping engine, these three selections are further forged … [Read more...]

Fashion Spread: True Blue

Feature Model Connor Hill 1

For gentlemen in pursuit of wardrobe essentials, consider dark blue as your top pick. This primary color could easily sneak in as this season’s finest basic palette. Pairing elegance and simplicity – with a dash of casual charm – blue might portray best the better new you. Jacket, … [Read more...]

Fashion Spread: Crazy in Love

Ashley- Bodysuit by American Apparel, earrings, necklace and bracelet by Vita Fede  Christian- Jeans by G-Star

When you’re madly into somebody else, almost all the rules get thrown out the window. Still, you’ve got to keep looking your hottest if you want to keep the flames of love alight. Ashley- Bodysuit by American Apparel, earrings, necklace and bracelet by Vita Fede ; Christian- Jeans by … [Read more...]

Fashion Feature: Underwear Deconstruction

Underwear  by Emporio Armani

Now that we’re firmly in the summer season, it’s time to shed your clothes and inhibitions and embrace underwear styles that are sure to turn the heads of whoever you let see them. Underwear  by Emporio Armani Underwear by Emporio Armani, Sunglasses by Dior Homme  Underwear by … [Read more...]