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Watch Spread: Omega

168-173_Feature Watchspread

STAR CONTRAST. Wearing the right timepiece can be a sure-fire way to strike a handsome dash in any given scene. For varying and elegant watches, Omega since its inception in 1848 has offered precious collections that are synonymous to innovations and masculine styling. The Speedmaster was the … [Read more...]

Runway: The color pink


THINK PINK. This season’s trend tickles even the most conservative men to add a touch of pink to their manly gear. The color is synonymous to freshness and playfulness, whereas its dusty version is unlawfully reserved for shy beginners. One styling tip: always pair the perky color with at least … [Read more...]

Fashion Spread: Sartorial Look in the City

94-103_Feature Akin copy

STYLISH IN THE WINDY CITY. Being overdressed is always better than being underdressed, especially if your routine involves going around the city. You never know who you are going to bump into. Here are some suit, coat and leather jacket pairings as a foolproof style guide to sartorially prepare … [Read more...]

Runway: Biker jacket


BIKER SWAGGER. Not only a must-have in every man’s wardrobe, a biker jacket hardly fails on lending the air of effortless coolness to the wearer. On the spring/summer 2014 runways, designers alter the perennial classics into contemporary selections by injecting colors, motifs, textures and extra … [Read more...]

Fashion Spread: Contemporary Local Fashion

78-87_Feature Local Ethnic

CULTURE CLASH. Bridging tradition and contemporary fashion are Indonesian local brands that instill cultural heritage into their creations. Through symbolic motifs and vibrant color compositions, these essential pieces do more than make statements—they represent the nation’s rich legacy that … [Read more...]

Runway: Floral motif


FLOWER POWER. While the floral hype has infiltrated womenswear division seasons ago, menswear is about to expect major deliveries of blooming patterns this season. Unlike the usual themes of “Garden of Eden” or “a day in the sun,” the flourishing plants and flowers emerge as eccentric … [Read more...]