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Meet the Four Dior Men You Will Aspire to Be Like


PEOPLE ARE STRANGE. Dior Homme celebrates individuality in new film project   Alain-Fabien Delon   This season marks the 10th … [Read more...]

12 Things that are Better than Valentine’s Chocolate

Men's essentials from Bally Il Bisonte Braun Buffel Lanvin

LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATE. Don’t let yourself down if you aren’t getting enough boxes of chocolate on the Valentine’s Day this year, as top … [Read more...]

Spring/Summer 2016 Runway Trend: Floral Motifs

runway ss16 flower motif

BOYS OVER FLOWERS. Spring has always been synonymous with flowers, and in the fashion industry it seems that menswear designers have taken a … [Read more...]

Gucci Continues Its Progressive Streak, Collaborates with Comme des Garçons

gucci&commes des garçons-1

FLOWER POWER. “Progressive” might not be a fitting adjective to describe Gucci several seasons ago, but now the Italian brand has come a long … [Read more...]

Show Must Go On: Berluti to Open First Store in Indonesia After Alessandro Sartori’s Departure

Berluti to Open First Store in Indonesia

THE SHOE MAKETH THE MAN. “Berluti has been making shoes for elegant men since 1895.” That line alone should suffice in describing the legacy … [Read more...]

BOSS by Hugo Boss Casts (Some of) DA MAN’s Cover & Feature Models for Underwear Campaign

tobias sorensen for boss by hugo boss

MOVE YOUR BODY. Featuring several top male models in a striking black-and-white campaign, BOSS by Hugo Boss elegantly highlights its bodywear … [Read more...]