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Exclusive Cover Story: Nick Wechsler

Feature Nick

IN PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Drawing a beautiful quote from Chuck Palahniuk’s “Fight Club,” Nick Wechsler tells how he fights to keep running on the arduous acting career track all these years. To Ronald Liem, the intelligent actor fesses up unabashedly about the dark side of Hollywood, his … [Read more...]

Exclusive Online Feature: Michael Socha

Feature Darling Michael Socha

REBEL WITH A CAUSE. A bad boy through and through, the mischievous Michael Socha leads us down the rabbit hole and shows us how misbehaving bagged him the role of the Knave of Hearts in “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.” Shirt by Ben Sherman, blazer by Topman A bit of a misfit on- and … [Read more...]

Icon: Jared Leto


ACTOR WHO ROCKS. Rocker and actor are not exactly two occupations that go hand in hand, but Jared Leto seems to get his grip on both worlds really well. “Be brave, follow dreams, say fuck you to everybody and fight for what you believe in.” His initial fixation in music, … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Lala

148-153_Feature Lala

REDISCOVERING HER GROOVE. As her new album comes out, Lala comes back with a complete transformation. To Gabriela Yosefina, she opens up about the life before and after the rebirth of her image. Dress and bracelet by Michael Kors “I choose music,” Lala opens up the conversation. … [Read more...]

The Hot List

94-99_Hotlist 2014 Opening

Armed with artistic talent, higher-than-the-sky ambitions and ready to charm with endearing quirkiness, these fabulous five have left lasting impressions in the passing year and ready to make their marks in the next. Darbotz Vandal Scandal “Yes, graffiti is a form of vandalism,” … [Read more...]

Online Exclusive: 5 upcoming well-sculpted heroes this season

1alanritchson tnmt

Aside from their noble portrayals, these five heroes possess immaculately toned physiques that are the envy of every man: 1. Alan Ritchson in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” All the turtle suits and advanced CGI in the world can’t disguise Alan Ritchson’s ripped body in the upcoming … [Read more...]