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From James to Jace: Dominic Sherwood of “Shadowhunters” on Channeling Pop Culture Icons

FEATURE_Dominic Sherwood of Shadowhunters in Sandro and Reiss

OUT OF THE SHADOWS. From channeling James Dean to playing the lead male in the much-awaited TV show “Shadowhunters,” Dominic Sherwood is … [Read more...]

Zachary Levi is a Geek in Everything

FEATURE_Zachary Levi in Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, Michael Kors and Breitling_DPS_

TANGLED VOICES. Actor, singer, philanthropist and nerd-wrangler Zachary Levi opens up about the many facets of his life   Suit by Calvin … [Read more...]

Adam Senn of “Hit the Floor” Opens Up About His Modeling Days & His Passion for Acting

Feature Image

SENN AND SENSIBILITY. Which came first, the model or the actor? Join us as we delve into the fascinating life of actor-model Adam … [Read more...]

Robby Purba’s Travel Essentials for Exploring Indonesia

Feature Image - robby purba

TV host and travel enthusiast Robby Purba shares his tips on what necessities to pack for traveling in Eastern Indonesia and gives his tricks for … [Read more...]

Filipino-American Actor Reggie Lee Opens up on Starring in “Grimm” and Representing Asia in Hollywood

02_FEATURE_ONLINE_Reggie Lee of Grimm NBC in American Apparel, H&M, Urban Outfitters and Frye_DPS_

NOT SO GRIM. DA MAN gets up close and personal with Reggie Lee, the witty Sergeant Wu of fantasy TV show “Grimm”   Jacket and belt by … [Read more...]

Daniel Di Tomasso Talks What’s Coming Next and Why He Thinks He Was Miscast in “Witches of East End”

_04_FEATURE_ONLINE_Daniel di Tomasso of Witches of East End-1

MAGIC HOUR. From professional modeling to the silver screen, the multitalented artist Daniel Di Tomasso is one that you should keep an eye … [Read more...]