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Exclusive Feature: Nolan Funk


TIME TO FUNK. Hollywood’s in-demand actor Nolan Gerard Funk gushes about his Versace campaign shoot, a lesson from the erotic-thriller “The Canyons” and his darkest film yet Shirt by Dries Van Noten Either you recognize Nolan Gerard Funk from his rebellious attitude in the … [Read more...]


Online Exclusive: 5 Hairstyles to match your personality


Not only is hair one’s crowning glory, it is also a medium through which men make a style statement. Whether it be Wall Street chic, sleek and sporty or grunge garage, these five hairstyles are visual tells that exemplify who you are, better than any designer garb could.   1. Wall Street … [Read more...]


Exclusive Cover Story: Jai Courtney


CRUEL INTENTIONS. Being a ruthless leader in “Divergent” doesn’t reveal the nature of Australia’s acting export Jai Courtney. Here DA MAN chats with the male protagonist in the upcoming “Terminator” franchise. Suit by Emporio Armani, shirt by Giorgio Armani Some say that great … [Read more...]


DA MAN Challenge: Dance with Kimmy, Kelly & Simona


  "Sexy is a state of mind." But what about fun?   We challenged three Indonesian-based famous models Kimmy Jayanti, Kelly Tandiono and Simona Travnickova to dance to our funky remix! Watch the challenge in the video below and cast your vote for the BEST DANCER: THE NEXT … [Read more...]


Icon: Ed Westwick


ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK. Leave it to Ed Westwick and his chiseled jawline to steal the spotlight in the television series “Gossip Girl.” Portraying the Upper East Side bad boy Chuck Bass, who unexpectedly fell head over heels in love with a New York royalty, Westwick soon becomes the … [Read more...]


Online Exclusive: 5 fashion accessories to go with the moustache

bow tie 2

The moustache: Once associated with 1980s sleaze culture, the upper lip facial hair comes back with a vengeance and is not showing any signs of going away. Having reached a cult-like status, the moustache has become much like a fashion accessory, making a statement while lending certain old-school … [Read more...]