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Exclusive Feature: Tara Basro

Tara Basro Daman Magazine

CAUGHT IN THE ACT. With a slate of lauded acting performances, Tara Basro is undoubtedly Indonesia’s most promising ac tress. Gabriela Yosefina delves into the many phases of the starlet’s acting transformation and discovers her genuine personality. Dress by Lanvin Tara Basro drives her own … [Read more...]

Exclusive feature: Aaron Tveit


His wholesome Hamptons-boy exterior and wide welcoming grin are notably true assets for Aaron Tveit to easily step into his blue-blooded character, Tripp van der Bilt in “Gossip Girl.” Yet, as the interview progresses, little gesture and subtle mannerisms allow glimmers of complexities that … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Booboo Stewart

Feature | Booboo Stewart-opening

SILENT PERSUASION. Little quiet and standoffish, Booboo Stewart is a man of few words. Yet, there is something in his searching eyes that reveal much more than words could express. T-Shirt by Y-3, trousers by Emporio Armani A deep, intense gaze and a thoughtful pause before answering each … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Briana Evigan

Feature | Briana-opening

DANCE WITH LOVE. Briana Evigan is almost too good to be true. The young actress reminds one of the girl every boy had a crush on in high school, and the feeling of infatuation, although one might like to think that he'd outgrown it, still persists upon first meeeting Evigan. Lingerie by Dita … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Ryan Guzman

Feature _ Ryan Guzman-Opening

BALL OF FIRE. Bursting with energy at the seams, Ryan Guzman just can’t get enough of the thrills and challenges thrown his way. the star of “STEP UP: ALL IN ” talks about acting, dancing and the remake of “Jem” Jacket by Louis Vuitton Rewardingly like a badge of honor proudly … [Read more...]

Naya Rivera: Not The Girl Next Door


Brutally honest, beautiful and bold, Naya Rivera is a triple-threat and a force to be reckoned with. To DA MAN she opens up about her experience as a child actress and meeting her fiancé through Twitter. Read our in depth interview with Naya Rivera here. … [Read more...]