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Exclusive Feature: Thomas Sadoski Raps About “Wild” and Working With Reese Witherspoon

Exclusive Feature: Thomas Sadoski Raps About “Wild” and Working With Reese Witherspoon

THE WILD ONE. Thomas Sadoski has always been a strong presence on stage, and now he goes all out on film and television. DA MAN chats with the … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Raline Shah Talks “Supernova” and Her Thought About Men and Marriage

Raline Shah Featured Image

TRUE BEAUTY. Much more than just a pretty face, inimitable actress Raline Shah proves that beneath her captivating appearance, there is dedication … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Rio Dewanto Talks His First Big Break to Stardom, “Comic 8 Casino Kings” and More Upcoming Movies

Rio Dewanto_Opener

LOOKING AHEAD. Actor Rio Dewanto is on a roll, with a stream of his upcoming movies set to grace the big screen in 2015. But off camera, the … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Simon Helberg Talks “The Big Bang Theory” and His Semi-Auto Biographical Film

Simon H_1

FUNNY BUSINESS. Though some may think comedic actors have it easy, Simon Helberg talks to Charlie Binder about his upcoming semi-auto biographical … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Rachel Skarsten Talks “Fifty Shades of Grey” and Her Big Decision

Rachel S_7

RULE BREAKER. Through her various roles across different mediums, Rachel Skarsten is constantly redefining herself as an actress. She lets DA MAN … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Richard Armitage Talks “The Hobbit” and Why He’s Not Into Happy Endings

R Armitage_9

THE MAKINGS OF A KING. A commanding gentleman from the North of England, Richard Armitage only seeks out acting roles that take him to the edge. … [Read more...]