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Exclusive Feature: Lala

148-153_Feature Lala

REDISCOVERING HER GROOVE. As her new album comes out, Lala comes back with a complete transformation. To Gabriela Yosefina, she opens up about … [Read more...]

The Hot List

94-99_Hotlist 2014 Opening

Armed with artistic talent, higher-than-the-sky ambitions and ready to charm with endearing quirkiness, these fabulous five have left lasting … [Read more...]

Online Exclusive: 5 upcoming well-sculpted heroes this season

1alanritchson tnmt

Aside from their noble portrayals, these five heroes possess immaculately toned physiques that are the envy of every man: 1. Alan Ritchson in … [Read more...]

Exclusive Online Feature: Jake McDorman

Feature Darling Jake McDoorman

THE TIME OF HIS LIFE. Jake McDorman spills the beans to DA MAN on what to expect on the next season of “Shameless” and the upcoming horror … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Barry Sloane

176_Feature Barry Sloane

DRESSED TO KILL. His dangerous persona as Aiden Mathis in “Revenge” is one of the defying breaks for British actor Barry Sloane into … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Shane West

Feature Shane West

THE WEST'S SIDE STORY. Shane West’s triple threat of acting, singing and writing makes him a rare breed in Hollywood. To DA MAN, he spills … [Read more...]