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Exclusive Feature: Dion Wiyoko Discusses His Passion for Acting and Being an Adventurer Off-Screen

Featured Dion

THE NEXT BREAKOUT STAR. If the number of movies one has starred in is any indication of a successful star, Dion Wiyoko has four movies in a row to … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Boy William Talks About His Breakthrough, Music Career and Comparison With Daniel Mananta

Boy William Featured Image

BOY WONDER. From talking earnestly about being a newcomer in the movie industry to the future of his music career, Boy William does not hold back. … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Raline Shah Talks “Supernova” and Her Thought About Men and Marriage

Raline Shah Featured Image

TRUE BEAUTY. Much more than just a pretty face, inimitable actress Raline Shah proves that beneath her captivating appearance, there is dedication … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Rio Dewanto Talks His First Big Break to Stardom, “Comic 8 Casino Kings” and More Upcoming Movies

Rio Dewanto_Opener

LOOKING AHEAD. Actor Rio Dewanto is on a roll, with a stream of his upcoming movies set to grace the big screen in 2015. But off camera, the … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Eva Celia

Exclusive Feature Eva Celia 5

UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT. Though music and acting are already in her blood, this doesn’t mean that things always come easily for Eva Celia. She … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Arifin Putra

Daman Arifin Putra 1

DEFYING REALITY. A likeable villain on screen and a likeable human being in reality, Arifin Putra believes in beating the odds, planning his years … [Read more...]