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3 Crazy Things Cornelio Sunny Has Done for Method Acting

Cornelio Sunny of The Professionals & Rudy Habibie in Etro

Meet actor Cornelio Sunny of HBO Asia’s “Halfworlds” and “3: Alif Lam Mim” whose dedication to method acting has put him in the … [Read more...]

Julie Estelle is Going Global

JULIE Estelle_DPS_

THE BELLE IS BACK. In her second appearance in the magazine, Julie Estelle chats with Joezer Mandagi about action movies, international exposure … [Read more...]

Vidi Aldiano is His Own Boss

VIDI ALDIANO_Outfit by Lanvin-2

VENI VIDI VICI. Vidi Aldiano talks about his forthcoming album and his roadmap to success with Joezer Mandagi   Outfit by … [Read more...]

Aurélie Moeremans is the Quirky Beauty You Will Love

FEATURE_Aurelie Moeremans in DVF_DPS_

A BELGIAN BELLE. New stars come and go, but actress Aurélie Moeremans is here to stay. With Gabriela Yosefina she looks back at her beginning and … [Read more...]

How to Face Your Fears with Adventure Junkie Marshall Sastra

marshall sastra my trip my adventure-large

NATURE BOY. Model and TV host Marshall Sastra takes his love for his country to the extreme   Outfit by Canali   Marshall Sastra … [Read more...]

The Humble Persona of Action Star Donny Alamsyah

FEATURE_Donny Alamsyah The Raid in Outfit by Etro

ACTING TIGER, GENTLE DRAGON. Beyond his kick-ass fight scenes, the calm and collected Donny Alamsyah reveals his untold life story, which … [Read more...]