Calvin Klein Mixed and Matched Classic Americana for Fall 2018

In a digitally-dominant world, our identities are no longer singular. Remixing and fusing multiple personas into one has become the norm. The CK Calvin Klein Fall 2018 collection reflects this universe where various cultural tropes and references collide to create something new, freed from their original contexts.

This season, sartorial archetypes are simultaneously reimagined and recreated to form new and unique narratives. Here, youth, Americana, varsity college aesthetics, corporate and working-class cultures co-exist. With the youth culture of college and 90’s club kids, and work uniforms thrown into the mix. Despite their obvious cultural differences, what the man in a cowboy ensemble, army trench coat, and aviator jacket, have in common with the man in a tracksuit, or a bold, striped sweatshirt is an affinity towards utility.