Burberry Releases Yet Another Stunning Holiday Film

Burberry is back with a movie-scale Holiday Campaign




It would be hard for Burberry to top last year’s heartwarming “Billy Elliot”-themed Holiday Campaign, but somehow the brand managed to do just that with a blockbuster-scale short film.

Telling the story of the brand’s founder, “The Tale of Thomas Burberry” (as the film is called) is directed by Oscar-winning director Asif Kapadia (“Amy”) and written by Oscar-nominated screenwriter Matt Charman (“Bridge of Spies”). On camera, it is just as star-studded; Domnhall Gleeson (“Star Wars: The Force Awakens”) plays the title character, while Dominic West (“300”) acts as Sir Ernest Shackleton, an Antarctic explorer for whom Burberry created his waterproof fabric gabardine.

The men are joined by Sienna Miller and Lily James who star as Burberry’s fictional love interests. Miller is Sara, his first love, and James is Betty Dawson, whose character is inspired by Betty Kirby-Green, a real-life pilot who flew a plane named “The Burberry” to travel from England to Cape Town in 1937, breaking a world record in the process.

Other than the two ladies, other parts of the film are made to be as authentic as possible. Kapadia even shot the film at Shirburn Castle in Oxfordshire, England and used props from the brand’s archives to make Burberry’s studio in the movie look as real as possible.