Brenton Thwaites Talks “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Maleficent 2”


Outfit by Salvatore Ferragamo


DA MAN: Going forward, do you have any resolutions for 2017 that you definitely want to keep?
Brenton Thwaites: To get a job is at the top of the list.

DA MAN: Final question: If Brenton Thwaites from six years ago, right after his film debut, could see where you’ve gotten him today, what would he probably say?

Brenton Thwaites: Keep going!

To see more photos from this photo shoot, get your copy of DA MAN February/March 2017 here, and check out the outtakes below:

Photography Mitchell Nguyen McCormack
Styling Olga Yanul
Styling Assistant Courtney Leday
Grooming Sascha Breuer at Starworks Artists using Bumble and bumble.

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