Brenton Thwaites Talks “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Maleficent 2”


DA MAN: From the reunited all-star cast to the CGI, the franchise’s signature swashbuckling action, swordplay, etc., what did you find to be the most challenging part of starring in “Dead Men Tell No Tales”?
Brenton Thwaites: In this one, there were a wide variety of different stunts I had to do—from climbing to swimming, jumping, swordplay and a few fight scenes. To be honest, the most challenging was keeping a steady foot on a wet, wooden boat in a pair of high heels. How the chicks do it, I do not know.


“Now I can chop up a whole carrot in 1.3 seconds”


DA MAN: How about the most fun?
Brenton Thwaites: The most fun was the week of location shooting up in the Whitsundays (a collection of islands in Queensland, Australia). Location shots always feel like a holiday … until the sun goes down and we still haven’t got the shot!

DA MAN: Moving back a bit, did they put you through any kind of special training or conditioning exercises to prepare you for filming?
Brenton Thwaites: A few weeks before principal photography began, I worked with the stunt guys on my sword fighting skills. So, now I can chop up a whole carrot in just 1.3 seconds.

DA MAN: Now, the scuttlebutt is that you’re being eyed to lead the next installments in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. What do you think about this?
Brenton Thwaites: I’ll take the compliment, but, to be honest, I think “Pirates” is “Pirates” because people love watching Johnny Depp. I know I do. There are many other moving parts to the franchise that have all come together to make it what it is, but at the end of the day we all just love Captain Jack Sparrow. If I was stranded on an island, I don’t think I would have enough back hair to fix to the turtles!


Outfit by Etro


DA MAN: Regardless of how it goes with the franchise in the future, what do you think would a Henry-centric “Pirates of the Caribbean” look and feel like?
Brenton Thwaites: As long they keep the swashbuckling front and center, I think it could be purdy cool!

DA MAN: And then there’s “Office Uprising” which started filming in early December. We’ve seen this movie described using everything from “zombie comedy thriller” to “action fantasy” and more. How would you describe the movie?
Brenton Thwaites: Definitely a “Zombedy Fantaction!”

DA MAN: You could say that doing a zombie movie can be rather risky nowadays because the genre is basically oversaturated. Do you think that “Office Uprising” can bring something new to the scene?
Brenton Thwaites: Absolutely. The script was as fresh as a daisy—that’s what brought me in in the first place and got me excited about it. Although there were some similar scenes in there from other “Zombedy Fantactions,” it definitely has its own vibe going on.

DA MAN: Most people who have heard of Lin Oeding know him as a stunt coordinator/performer for a lot of high-profile titles. What was it like working with him in his debut as a director?
Brenton Thwaites: Good. He had a tough gig. To shoot a movie like this in 20 days was always going to be a challenge with the mix of drama, comedy and action involved. He was definitely in his element with the heavier action sequences. Stunt coordinator Walter—forgot his last name; sorry Walter—and he worked together like bacon and eggs. For the more dialogue-heavy scenes, he was open to collaborations and I felt that he had a pretty good comedic instinct for someone who hadn’t had much experience with the genre.


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