Book: “Lord of the Stones” Talks about Bulgari’s Founders

LORD OF THE STONES. If one could wind back time to more than a century ago, one would see that, remarkably, Paris was not only the Mecca of fashion but also of high jewelry. But thanks to Bulgari, the Italian king of jewelers, that distinction has shifted southwards.





While the former city stayed formidable with its monochromatic selections, it was Rome and its heritage that inspired Bulgari to set emeralds, rubies and numerous precious stones into some of the most exquisite accessories worn by the most beautiful ladies and discerning gentlemen around the world. The coffee table book “Roma, Passion, Jewels” (Electa) by Vincent Meylan is a literary walk down memory lane with Paolo and Nicola Bulgari, two brothers who have brought their family business to its commendable position of global dominance. Filled with engrossing conversations with the siblings throughout the pages, this collector’s read passionately tells about the Bulgari family’s undying love of beautiful things, perfection in craftsmanship and their endless pursuit of luxury.