Book: 3 Hot Reads on the Art of Being a Gentleman

1. The art of being a gentleman is one of nurture and not nature—at least, this is what John Bridges elusively conveys in “How to Be a Gentleman” (Thomas Nelson). Gentlemanliness is all in the details: the way one dresses, drinks, speaks, and, naturally, thinks. While not all points might seem relevant, this book can be quite an informative read.


2. Following the success of his muchlauded “The Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails,” Alfred Tong gets downand-dirty with all things gentlemanly in “The Gentleman’s Handbook” (Hardie Grant Books). Good style and taste are two pertinent matters Tong scrutinizes in great detail, which are nicely accompanied by Jack Hughes’ artful illustrations.


3. “Original Man” (Gestalten) reiterates many leading examples of fashionable gentlemen. From Andy Warhol to Yves Saint-Laurent, these personalities become the point of departure of what and how a modern gentleman should be and behave. The author, Patrick Grant, is also the fashion designer behind the re-launch of E. Tautz & Sons.