An Odor of Sartorial Splendor by Balmain

CHICK TO STICK. If you’re tormented by unpleasant body odor, go a step beyond sweet-smelling fragrances. Deodorant sticks take the bull by the horns, such as this masculine-scented option from Balmain




This 75-gram deodorant stick shares the same fragrance DNA with the Balmain Homme eau de toilette, yet it also reduces the amount of sweat produced in the armpit area, and thus helps cut the issue of body odor straight at the source.

You can instead sense attractive olfactory notes like apple and leather, spruced up by moss and woody aromas—virile elements that would leave a nice, lingering scent on your body.

Who would have thought that such a chic Parisian brand could come to your rescue beyond sartorial matters?