Bally Got a Kick Out of This Hybrid Kick

WHITE SOLES. There’s a flamboyant youthful push that Bally has been championing in recent seasons




Their fall/winter ’16/’17 collection is no exception, as design director Pablo Coppola reimagined a gang of fashion-forward men—be they dandies or artists—in their most individuality-confirming getups.

The result was a splendid presentation, unfurling an air of casual pragmatism that translated to suits with drawstring pants and a bunch of comfy sneakers. The white and woven shoes, in particular, stood out as fine hybrids of sports and leisure kicks. A red-white-red stripe—a trademark of the Swiss brand—running along the back sole makes for a handsome finishing touch.

With or without shoelaces, these exceptional pairs could help you get off on the right foot this season.