Bally Goes Sparta

Although Bally’s most recognizable signature is the red-and-white stripes, another part of the Swiss brand’s design heritage is the Sparta star grip




This three-pointed grip stud was first incorporated in the sole of Bally’s early hiking boots, to ensure solid steps when trekking through challenging terrains.

Nowadays, the Sparta grip transposes into a decorative element on Bally’s leather goods, snazzy sneakers and other accessories. Among those, this season’s ceinture grip cuff bracelet sports this metallic detail on a luxurious black leather strap.

The colorful and comfy Ascar trainers, meanwhile, showcase a rather discreet reinterpretation of the Sparta star through an embossed pattern above the back soles.

While there’s not much hard trekking to do in the city, these studs could surely give you a firm grip on today’s style statement.