Amanemu: Aman Resorts’ First Hotspring Resort

WHERE THE WATER IS JUST RIGHT. Aman returns to Japan with Amanemu (2165 Hazako Hamajima-cho, Shima-Shi, Japan; +81 120 951 125; after the successful launch of Aman Tokyo in December 2014


RS2891_Amanemu - Villa exterior


Billed as the brand’s first hotspring resort, Amanemu celebrates Japan’s ancient onsen tradition as it sits overlooking Ago Bay.

It offers 24 suites: the Mori Suite boasting a garden view, the Sora Suite with a partial ocean view, then the Nagi Suite for a view of the bay. There are also four two-bedroom villas, each with its own onsen enabling the luxury of a private hot dip.


RS2890_Amanemu - bathroom with private onsen


Completing its roundup of ultimate holiday experiences, Amanemu also provides chances to dive alongside traditional ama, free divers who collect oysters, and catch your own seafood for the freshest sashimi.