Alexander Wang Curates Playlists on Apple Music

Now you can chill in style




Alexander Wang has launched his music playlists on Apple Music. While the streaming service has worked together with Burberry and several fashion magazines previously, this is the first time for Apple Music to collaborate with a designer.

The decision to choose Wang is an obvious one, considering the fact that Wang’s runway shows are always a riot.

Wang has released three playlists named Hype, Vibe and Chill. Hype, according to Wang, is a compilation of songs to “get [him] up out of [his] chair.” Vibe, in the meanwhile, consists of Wang’s favorite club bangers. Lastly, Chill is Wang’s “go-to playlist when [getting] home from work.”

The playlists is already available on Apple Music and will be updated throughout the year. Wang has also taken to Instagram to promote his playlists with a short video and a series of black-and-white images.