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Adam Senn of “Hit the Floor” Opens Up About His Modeling Days & His Passion for Acting

SENN AND SENSIBILITY. Which came first, the model or the actor? Join us as we delve into the fascinating life of actor-model Adam Senn


FEATURE_Adam Senn Outfit by Calvin Klein Collection pocket square by Issey Miyake Men
Outfit by Calvin Klein Collection, pocket square by Issey Miyake Men


Hollywood—and just about any movie industry hub out there—has never been short of actors who started off as models. It makes sense, actually: Modeling involves a lot of skills that translate smoothly to acting. It’s a bit of a different story for model-actor Adam Senn, however, as acting has always been his first and true passion. Yet, to look at his modeling days as nothing but a springboard that got him into showbiz would be a massive understatement. You simply don’t get to do the kind of modeling work he’s done without the skills, talent and consummate professionalism of a dedicated model.

All that being said, Senn has definitely grown into a familiar face on TV and movies alike, from last decade’s “The City” to the latest season of “Hit the Floor” and beyond.


DA MAN: Hi, Adam. Great to have you with us. Let’s start off with your “origin story.” What was it that brought you into modeling?
Adam Senn: Pure luck! I was asked to do it and I thought it was a good way to pay for my acting classes for the summer.

DA MAN: So far, you’ve appeared in the campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana Watches; you’ve become the face for the brand’s One Sport fragrance; you’ve appeared in many high-profile editorials and the list goes on. What’s the secret behind your success?
Adam Senn: I believe it has to do with being a genuine and humble human being. I’m not the best-looking guy, that’s for sure, but I enjoy the time I spend with the people I work with. It’s those traits that put me in a position for these amazing jobs.

DA MAN: And then, as the story goes, in the late 2000s you started appearing in TV shows and short movies. Was it a deliberate career decision or was it coincidental?
Adam Senn: It was my intention from the get-go. The only reason I got into modeling was to go to New York and study theater there. When the modeling part took off, it became a gift and a curse, because it paid for my schooling, but took me away from my passion. At one point, I made acting my only priority.


FEATURE_Adam Senn in Shirt by Issey Miyake Men watch by Rolex
Shirt by Issey Miyake Men, watch by Rolex


DA MAN: How did your passion for acting develop in the first place?
Adam Senn: I was raised watching hundreds and hundreds of films. My father studied acting and always had a love for the silver screen. When I was 12 years old, my parents put me into a theater school in Houston, and I stayed in theater throughout high school.

DA MAN: What would you consider to be your breakout role?
Adam Senn: Becoming a series regular was my goal after I had done my first film. I wanted to prove to myself I could book a series regular role. [Playing as] Zero on VH1’s “Hit the Floor” has allowed me into everyone’s home every week, and I’m so grateful for that.

DA MAN: You are set to return in the third season of “Hit the Floor.” What can fans of the show expect this time around?
Adam Senn: Fans can expect a lot of amazing story lines of drama, love, sex, and hate that will drop your jaw.



“When the modeling part took off, it became a gift and a curse”



DA MAN: It’s been more than a year since the second season of “Hit the Floor” ended, and it did so with quite a few cliffhangers still dangling. Do you think this might potentially be a problem for casual fans and, more importantly, attracting new viewers?
Adam Senn: The show is so relevant that I think we will pick up where we left off. Viacom had their reasons for postponing our airdate, but the new wintertime airdate means more people are home watching TV. I think some of the new story lines will definitely attract a new audience.

DA MAN: On a more personal note, what is it that you like the most about “Hit the Floor”?
Adam Senn: Our whole cast and crew is one big family. It’s the best working environment I could ever ask for.

DA MAN: Besides the two titles we’ve already talked about, are there any other upcoming movies or maybe TV series that you’re going to appear in?
Adam Senn: I’m in a new film called “Supermodel” and another titled “Married Before Christmas” that’s set to come out at the end of the year.


FEATURE_Adam Senn Outfit by Comme des garçons homme Plus
Outfit by Comme des Garçons Homme Plus


DA MAN: Looking back at how far you’ve gone, career-wise, what would you say has been your greatest achievement?
Adam Senn: I’m proud of a lot of things, but booking a series regular was definitely a highlight.

DA MAN: How about outside of modeling and acting? What is it that you consider to be your personal, non-career accomplishment?
Adam Senn: I grew up under a mentorship, and I like to pass that along to others. I’ve had a few guys I mentored go on to do great things; one works for the governor of Texas now. Another has become a doctor. If I could pass along the idea of mentorship to the next generation, I feel I have achieved something.

DA MAN: Do you have any big plans for 2016?
Adam Senn: I have always wanted to tell the stories I’ve heard or experienced over the years. In 2016, I am going to direct my first film.


FEATURE_Adam Senn in Gucci
Outfit and sandals by Gucci


DA MAN: By the way, we’ve also heard that you’re a car enthusiast. Can you tell us a bit about this passion of yours?
Adam Senn: I was raised with cars, and my father and grandfather always insisted on knowing how the car they owned worked. So, that knowledge was passed down to me. I love to rebuild classic cars as a hobby.

DA MAN: Also, you almost became a pro golfer at one time. How did that happen?
Adam Senn: I was fortunate enough to have a golf course right behind my house. So, I started playing as a kid and learned a great work ethic on the golf course.

DA MAN: One last question: What keeps you motivated each day?
Adam Senn: I love a good experience—something that I can later tell a story about. Not every day is going to be great, but every day can be memorable. I strongly believe in being a better person today than you were yesterday. It’s something to look forward to.



To see more pictures from Adam Senn’s shoot, get your copy of DA MAN February/March 2016 here, and check out the outtakes below!




Outfit and belt by Issey Miyake Men, watch by Rolex


Outfit by Calvin Klein Collection, watch by Rolex


Outfit by Calvin Klein Collection, pocket square by Issey Miyake Men


Outfit by Dior Homme, watch by Rolex


Outfit and shoes by Issey Miyake Men, watch by Rolex



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