4 Summer-Approved Citrus Fragrances for Men

SUMMER BURSTS. The warmer days of summer call for fresh-scented fragrances that fare well for languid outdoors and breezy evenings


4 Citrusy Summer Fragrances for Men


In that case, what would be better than taking Mother Nature’s natural bounties to craft the most satisfying aromas for today’s gentlemen?

Even Napoleon would have agreed on this one, as his great stature and liking for perfumery has inspired the bergamot-infused Heroique fragrance from Rancé 1795.

A different kind of orange, mandarins, inspires the top notes of Solo Loewe Cedro, while the ck2 by Calvin Klein blends this fruity whiff with aromatic Japanese wasabi for a more eccentric kind of summery freshness.

A richer nuance of citrusy bites is well encapsulated in the Eau des Sens by Diptyque, which cleverly pairs orange blossoms and bitter oranges.



All fragrances are available at Glow Living Beauty, except Diptyque at The Papilion.



Photography Haruns Maharbina
Styling Jay Robert Davies
Text Chris Andre